Really Weird French Techno Songs

One of the weirdest/funniest/oddest things has been going on at Canadian punk band Fucked Up's excellent, and usually well thought out, blog Looking For Gold. A few months ago they started using a tool to find out how people got to their page and where from, a rather common internet convention, and all was fine until someone from Stockton, Califonia got to their page by google searching I'm Looking For This Really Weird French Techno Song That Just Came Out. alright. And then 20 minuets later someone from Australia got to the page by searching the exact same thing. And then someone from upstate New York....... it got to ridiculous. This sparked a really long, excessively angry, clever, bizarre, quite meta post by the band, ("THATS NOT HOW YOU USE GOOGLE. IT'S NOT A PERSON YOU IDIOT.") I suggest you read it here..... and then that sparked a (possibly fake) band hastily forming who called themselves, you guessed it, I'm Looking For This Really Weird French Techno Song That Just Came Out, who, just for the fuck of it, started getting gigs DJing at Fucked Up shows.

And since then its been quite a circus of strange searches ending up at Looking For Gold. This includes Google inquires like "Cool Looking Websites", "Is There Any Screamo Songs Put Onto Flute Sheet Music?", and most recently "What Order Of Countries Makes The Most Sense While Touring Europe." It all has noting to do with music, and the band realizes this and seems pretty pissed off/utterly baffled by that fact, but it has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened to a contemporary Canadian kind of experimental punk band.

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