Needed: A Good Spot For Free Streaming Music

I don't know if you've heard of lala.com, but if you haven't it doesn't make much sense to check it out now, since it's shutting down in a month. If you have heard of it, and especially if you've used it in the past, you might be finding yourself a little bit pissed off. First imeem gets folded into Myspace Music and decides to dick up their audio quality, and now Lala falls down completely? Bunk.

This concerns me. Imeem was a great service for introducing people to music, and to test out music to see if you liked it. Lala was slightly inferior, but still serviceable. The only thing that comes close to either at this point is playlist.com, and I'm worried it's going to get the axe or get swallowed into a bigger company, as well. Why wouldn't it, at this rate?

So I'm just throwing the question out there: Does anyone know of a good audio service that lets the user listen to music at their leisure without paying, isn't a radio website and isn't Youtube? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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