Four Tet - There Is Love In You

2010; Domino; London, England

Its a weird thing to try to compare one medium to another - they are all basicly in-compatible. There is a reason the writer chose books instead of film, he felt what he had to say could only be said with words. Theres a reason the director doesn't paint, what he has to say needs movment. This of course presents a real problem to us critics: how can we hope to get across the feelings present in this music using words? If they could be presented in type then the music would be unnecessary. Its to be noted of course that the writers here at Styrofoam Boots fucking hate critics, but we do still have to try to push these words.

Nonetheless, above all Four Tet reminds me of visual design. Sharp lines, primary colors. White background, pearl finish. Sleak, fresh, crisp, bold. Gives you the sence of sheer forward motion even thought as you stare at it you know its standing still. Do you know what I mean? Unfortunately when it comes down to that print design never ends up quite like that, though we can see what they aim for, but perhaps these artists were working in the wrong medium all along. Because Four Tet hits it right on the head.

A patchwork of mostly electric and some acoustic elements, it feels like the rain would slide right off it, like if hanging in a gallery it would be the only thing anyone would look at. And at the same time it is so... modest. So space and quiet, it keeps its head down and underplays your compliments. Opener Angel Echoes features a slight four on beat and some ambient with a light crescendo of cut up vocals repeating, it takes you quite a wile before you realize they're chanting the album's title. Circling gives little more than a layered arpeggio, Plastic People hands you a looped chime with a light beat pattern. It seems that if you held these compositions up to the sun you could see right through them, with all the light shining through.

In all you find the perfect example of ambient electronic, repetitive without ever being boring, cerebral with out being overthought, makes you fall into a trance without losing your mind, easy to listen to without loosing its force, its urgency. The music is so slight that listening to it starts to feel like breathing air. That you could play the album trough and not know what happened, not realize how the time passed, felt like you just stuck the album on, and all you want to do is play it again.

And if you let it you'll sink in, you'll become this music. Lost in it's stream. Awash in the joy and angst. But perhaps the album's title says it best - this is an album for love. For calm laughing dancing angsty energetic passionate momentous serene exhausting love.

1. Angel Echoes
2. Love Cry
3. Circling
4. Pablo's Heart
5. Sing
6. This Unfolds
7. Reversing
8. Plastic People
9. She Just Likes To Fight

happy valentines day

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