The Antlers - Hospice

2009; Frenchkiss Records; New York City

Noise Pop is a term that should be used more in reviews. A genre that mixes experimental with catchy, cutting edge with clean melody, its amazing. Layered on white noise, buzzing, a storm behind your eyes.

As noise pop goes there are no bands as influential as My Bloody Valentine and Neutral Milk Hotel. In fact, within the world of underground rock there influence is so far reaching that its become wildly cliche to draw from their sound. Knowing that The Antlers' take influence almost exclusively from these two bands would make any jaded indie kid cast them off in an instant (and the jaded indie kid is an even farther reaching cliche).

None the less, and incredibly, The Antlers sound completely unique. Somehow, even though their influences are so transparent and used by so many other bands, they stand apart. They stand by themselves. Quiet music meant to be played loud.

And on top of that, Hospice is intense. A story with almost book like lyrics about watching someone die in a hospital, about trying to save them, about not being able to. This is packed with emotion and yet it never gets mellow dramatic, never over emotive or operatic. This is refreshing in the world of indie pop where, as of Montreal says, "we just want to emote till we're dead". And it just feels real. Fells like what you go through to grieve.

To be honest, I'm a little bit of a jaded indie fuck. I'm trying not to be. And so when I herd of this album, well, I didn't think they could pull it off. Though it would be over done or under done or just not worth it or unoriginal. Thank you for proving me wrong. Fuck yes.

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