Modest Mouse - No Ones First And You're Next

2009; Epic Records; Issaquah, Washington

Really, it only takes a few moments of Satellite Skin for you to ponder how this same band could possibly have made Dashboard, and perhaps how far they've come since their This Is A Long Drive days. And through the sizzle of the guitars and Isaac Brock's barely restrained shouts it just feels... good. In Satellite Skin, as well as many of the other tracks, we are moved back to his favorite subject, anger at the world, anger at himself, anger at you. And through the twisted minds of us music fanatics, that's a good thing too. A forward moving beat, and the guitars pick up a tone like fire or electricity and the shouts get louder and there is chaos and... oh man...

Chaos, as it is, is a big point on this album. Back in the day when Mouse was a power trio they had a beautiful complex simplicity. The bass interlocked with the guitar lines and the drums had a mind of their own and it was easy to pick apart and beautiful once you did. Now there's, what, six people? Sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes a brass band aswell, and there is no rhythm section, every instrument is going off to do its own thing, to duke it out with the others, and it swarms your ear, and by god you cannot pick it apart, cannot tell where each player is going, find any pattern. And that feels good.

And when the Wale Song gets going with its drowning, circular choruses, it feels like a tornado. And when History Sticks To Your Feet peaks and simmers, Goddamn, you feel the condescension, the hate, the wariness in "well, don't you look at me like life don't hold you anymore mystery." and it boils over. And in King Rat he demands that WE HAVE ALMOST HIT THE BOTTOM AND WE WANT TO KEEP SINKING, and you get that no This is not just some indie pop band, this is not some sell out, this is Modest Mouse. GODDAMN.

1. Satellite Skin
2. Guilty Cocker Spaniels
3. Autumn Beds
4. The Whale Song
5. Perpetual Motion Machine
6. History Sticks to Your Feet
7. King Rat
8. I've Got It All (Most)

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