Japandroids - Post-Nothing

2009; Polyvinyl Records; Toronto, Canada

I have been agonizing over how to start this review for quite a wile.

you see, Japandroids sounds like a band you would go see in some burnt out garage, graffiti covered walls, water damage, no stage, one hundred kids clustered around trying to move as much as they can to get this energy out without crashing into the drum set. I've gone to these shows. I've been going to more and more as time progresses. And for most of them I walk out of the building feeling... pumped. feeling energetic, feeling excited and exhausted and alive and like there is nothing more fun in the world. But, I mean, when is the last time I came out of one of these shows feeling inspired? like a religious experience? And isn't that what they're for?

and yeah they don't sound all that original the first time you here it, but goddamn that is made up for by the song writing. Some how these guys have managed to find that oft missed point that is confidence without pretentiousness. And they sound so much more I haven't seen Japandroids live yet despite several attempts, though I haven't given up trying. But listening to their record... man, I can feel it. And when it comes down to it the sound of this album isn't much different from the stasis quo, which is to say it doesn't sound all that original sincere then anything I've herd in ages.

Young Heart Sparks Fire is about realizing how far you've strayed from what you wanted. Its about deciding you're no longer going to worry about dieing, from here on your only going to worry about chasing those sunshine girls. Its about "you can keep tomorrow after tonight we're not gonna need it" Its about staying up all night getting drunk with friends because you damn well can't think of anything better in the world.

Crazy/Forever is about telling the world it can go fuck itself, that you can't find any reason why you and your girl can't make it forever.

This album is about energy. Its about youth. Its about...

I don't know.

I feel as though I'm just spitting hyperbole here but, its just, I here this and, Damn, I don't want to worry about dieing. I just want to chase girls and run races and blast my music and be crazy forever. I WANT TO BE CRAZY FOREVER.

1. The Boys Are Leaving Town
2. Young Hearts Spark Fire
3. Wet Hair
4. Rockers East Vancouver
5. Heart Sweats
6. Crazy/Forever
7. Sovereignty
8. I Quit Girls

and i'll sing the beatles and you'll sing them better

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