The Importance of Being Metal: Led Zeppelin-IV

Led Zeppelin-IV
1971; Atlantic Records

1. Is It Any Good?

I've talked about this in detail earlier, but the short answer is yes, it is very, very good.

2. Is It "Influential?"

Is Led Zeppelin IV influential? What kind of Goddamn question is that?

3. Is It A Good Entry Point For Beginners?

No, inasmuch that everyone on the planet has already heard this album and probably doesn't even regard it as metal. So it would be an even stranger place to start than AC/DC. This is part of the public consciousness almost 40 years after its release, it pretty much doesn't even have a genre at this point. That said, if you haven't heard it yet than for Christ's sake get on the ball.

NEXT TIME ON THIS LIST: More substance!(Seeing as how I'll be covering an album that I both love and that I haven't already covered extensively on this site like IV was)


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