Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth

its four am and i can't sleep not that it should surprise me anymore but today is a little bit different. i must be a little sick i guess or something. i know i am home sick. but not for my parents house or my home town or anything its... i miss the feeling of being four and a half and getting a glass of warm milk and being wrapped in a blanket so much bigger then you you could get lost in it in a second and feeling... safe. feeling alright. scared because the world is big and it is dark outside the window but knowing that even though there are scary things out there they cant touch you because you are safe here inside this blanket you are safe. and i'm thinking about this and i miss it like i can't explain and i feel like crying or going to sleep and not waking up for a year or two or until i can get that feeling back but its no use because i can not sleep. and so i crawl out of bed and i find a cassette tape buried under a pile of clothes scratching around in the dark and i sit curled up on the wooden floor infront of my sound system and through my giant headphones i hear a tick tock tick tock like an old clock but different. and its so quiet. and the click of a guitar and a voice so expressionless so tuned out:

searching for mister right
waiting up half the night
feeling like I'll be dead before I'm old
teaching myself to be
the young untold

1980; reissued on Domino; Cardiff, Wales 
1. Searching for Mr. Right
2. Include Me Out
3. The Taxi
4. Eating Noddemix
5. Constantly Changing
6. N.I.T.A.
7. Colossal Youth
8. Music for Evenings
9. The Man Amplifier
10. Choci Loni
11. Wurlitzer Jukebox
12. Salad Days
13. Credit in the Straight World
14. Brand - New - Life
15. Wind in the Rigging

your haunting me because i let you

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