Vincent Moon and The Take-Away Shows

I think somewhere down there we said we would not only focus on the music but also the culture and art around it. To that end I'm going to do a profile on filmmaker Vincent Moon. Someday I hope to get all sorts of profiles on this site, articles on labels and record producers and promotional photographers and album cover artists and live music venues. We will start work on these as soon as we, you know, find out more about all those fields.

One shot. Personal camera work. Very fast film processing. Emphasis on blacks and yellows. An intense love of the bands he films. I doubt he would agree to film a band he didn't love. Takes bands out of normal performance space. Dirty Projectors in a McDonald's The Shins on the streets in Paris Arcade Fire in an elevator The Wombats on a boat the list continues. Bloc Party they really had to talk into it right outside a gig. These are the Take-Away Shows. They don't feel like a music video and they don't feel like a concert movie. They feel like. I guess. They feel like music. They feel like yes this is what should have been coupled with the music all along. Over a hundred have been made starting in 2006 and they keep coming. Every name in indie music. Probably some of your favorite bands.

Outside of that Vincent Moon never fails to amaze and charm. Hes funny. And he really fucking loves the music. He is good friends with The National and some of his best videos are with them here here here and here. He even directed a film for them, came out last year, called A Skin, A Night. Was commissioned to direct a music video by R.E.M. Has a brilliant collection of variably hilarious and intense you tube videos. In one clip he doesn't have a good view of Architecture In Helsinki so he just shoots his head headbanging through the song. Another shows Thurston Moore in one of his drones to end a show but the sound cuts out when it reaches the explosive conclusion.

This man is amazing.

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