Magik Markers - I Trust My Guitar, Etc.

2005; Ecstatic Peace; Hartford, CT

Anything that can be said about Magik Markers' pre-Boss output is bull shit. You see, between 2004 and 2007 no group even began to approach the punk idealistic "this band could be your life" doctrine like these guys. No group even began to approach Magik Markers' kind of visceral destruction and motion. Which is to say: the songs are not important. Someone detailing the different ways the guitar swells, or looking to find a decent metaphor to sufficiently describe the drum swells will find themselves without a destination. Its not to say that the sound is impossible to describe, but trying to will get you nowhere, you're missing the point.

Magik Markers are not looking to pin down an emotion in order to communicate it, they've found a direct line. A way to tap emotion and run the signal straight to headphones. A way to leave right minded listeners curled up defeated on the floor, crippled, defeated, believing that this music is the only one important thing in the world. Its not quite experimental, yet its everything most experimental strives for. Its not quite punk, but its everything most punk musicians never had the guts to be. Its not quite sane, and its enough to make this reviewer loose sleep and coherent thought and begin to write something half-unintelligible at four in the morning.

most beautiful

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