My Year In Lists

Lists are a tricky thing when your dealing with any kind of art form, and they present a real dilemma. Which is to say: Lists are fucking fun. They are. They're a blast to make, to argue back and forth about what places where, and they're fun to read and pick apart. But, They also have a strong tendency to be self indulgent, crass, prejudice, and always they are always wrong. There is no such thing as "the best list of albums from a given time period" because all of them are bad lists.

None the less there is one type of list that I find consistently, if not correct, useful. The year end lists. It's where a given source on music cuts through the crap of dense reviews and tells you just exactly what they think was great from that year, what you have to listen to. It's objective as fuck, and its direct. It's similar to an older brother looking to his middle school sibling and saying "get this and this and this right away. Trust mCheck Spellinge on this." And so I know that, come January, we will be drafting up one of these so you can get a straight look at what Styrofoam Boots chose this year.

But there is another type of list that's going to be popping up a lot in the coming months. The best album of the 00's list. And I think, this is a bit less useful, and much much harder to make. And I think, we haven't listened to every album of this decade, and certainly just a small percentage of the good ones. But I know it still could be useful, and I'll be damned if it won't be fun. So, I ask our readers, if we do actually have any, what do you think? Should we start sketching this out? There's a comment button right below here, let us know.

damn extended metaphors

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  1. yeah, you guys should totally go for it. in fact i look forward to picking it apart! ha!