It's All Nice On Ice, Pt II.

I guess Stuart said what I would've said if I had written the first post.

Anyways, on with the first music related post. I'm gonna be talking about Vivian Girls now, and this will begin our (or at least my own) section of First Impressions. I haven't heard much of their stuff yet, but from what I have heard, their music sounds like a fusion of standard chick indie pop in combination with some punkish aesthetic. They've been categorized as having a shoegazey sound, but I honestly don't know how true this is. I haven't listened to their album yet, so I have no grounds to 'grade' the band yet, but it's apparent that they're overhyped. But I guess they do deserve some recognition- for their looks.

Maybe that was too much for a first post. Maybe it was far too douchey. Maybe I'm just too tired for a 'first post'- the start of many.

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